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Everyone in the real estate industry is familiar with a story- a new homebuyer decides to buy land and then finds out that the property isn’t suited for his requirements. And in areas where there is no ‘cooling period’, the homebuyer is left with a stressful decision to keep the property or sell it. If only there was a site inspection conducted before the sale was approved, he could have avoided the losses, the inconveniences, and stress that comes with it.

Site Conditions

An expert is more prepared to check and analyze the suitability of the land for construction. A company that specializes in geotechnical engineering specifically soil testing can help survey and identify any issues. From the results of the inspection, you can make an informed judgment on whether to proceed with the purchase or move on to the next property.

The site conditions can affect the stability and the cost of building a house due to the special preparations required to get the site ready. If you decide to work with a geotechnical engineering team, they will generally assess the condition of the land by looking at the following information:

  • trees or limestone that should be removed
  • water table height
  • type of soil
  • distribution of soil on the block

A professional site inspection will inform the engineers if the block is compatible for the construction of your preferred house design and even the site costs.


By getting a copy of the title of the land, the inspector can also identify building restrictions. The kinds of restrictions in place can also affect the construction and design of the house. Also, these may influence the choice of materials to be used, style, and if the project must be completed within a certain time period. Also, by checking the title the inspecting team can verify the actual boundaries of the property.

Other Building Challenges

The inspection of the block will also help identify or even anticipate problems that may happen during the approval and building process. Here, they may discover that the planned house design may not fit on the block perhaps due to its proximity to other buildings or fences. Or perhaps the ground may slope.

All these concerns can be addressed by if you decide to work with an engineering company that specializes in soil testing and geotechnical engineering. Melbourne Engineering Consultants can offer custom soil testing services to assist you in developing your property.


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