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Soil testing is conducted during the first phase in the construction of a residential properly and it involves taking a few soil samples from the block of land. The soil profile in each property will vary depending on the location so it’s always a sound move to conduct a soil testing before a construction project can happen in a certain area. In some cases, your chosen builder will conduct the test as part of their in-house services, but there are instances when you will need to contact a separate engineering consultant to complete the work for you.

What are the reasons why you should request a test?

A primary reason why testing is required is to know ‘how reactive the soil is’. As part of the testing process, it is the job of the engineering consultant or builder to discover if there are physical conditions or chemicals on the property that may damage your future house. In the context of home building and construction, reactivity refers to how much the soil will likely to move, expand, or contract if there is a sudden change in moisture content. As part of the testing procedure, the soil will be graded according to how reactive it is.

Another concern during the test is the soil bearing capacity. The result of the test will inform the builder or engineer how much ‘weight’ the soil can support per unit area. Based on the information that can be collected on the site, the engineer can easily recommend what type of footing or flooring can be used and how these should be constructed.

After the completion of the test, the team can identify if the location is a difficult site or not. If the site has been assessed as difficult, then construction can be challenging and entails a lot of costs. If you are looking at a property, you should be aiming for a Class A, which means that the soil where you plan to construct the property is non-reactive and stable. Getting a Class S in the field report means that there’s a slight possibility that the ground might move due to changes in moisture content, and this often happens in clay sites.

Contact a Local Geotechnical Engineer from Melbourne

Soil testing is a specialized service that requires skills and access to the right equipment. If you are from Melbourne or nearby areas, it’s best to work with a local team with demonstrated experience. Melbourne Engineering Consultants, an engineering company that specializes in building design and soil testing, can provide you the services you need. For its geotechnical engineering service, Melbourne Engineering Consultants offers a professional service that may include reports and recommendations that will meet council requirements for erosion management overlays and in groundwater monitoring.


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