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Your next home or a unit development or a office, a warehouse or just your favorite restaurant. Each piece of drafting may look like a well arranged combination of brick and mortar with bits of steel but in reality, it could be treasured moments and memories somehow related to them.These are not just buildings or strange structures but moments of happiness and memories.  What life could be without sigh moments? Melbourne Engineering Consultants creates an environment where its clients can make materialize their dreams and recreate their memories and treasured moments of their lives.

So, who are we? 

We are a team of highly qualified and skilled engineering consultants and designers who help their clients to create what they desire and build their dreams!

What service do we provide?

We provide engineering design and consulting services that are needed for construction for variety of buildings and structures of different sizes, shapes and complexity including new construction, renovations and refurbishments. We strive to provide the most innovative functional and cost efficient engineering solutions to best service our client’s needs.

What is our goal?

To achieve highest degree of satisfaction by our clients and surpass their expectations, to provide value added solutions to our clients projects by proposing the most innovative and yet simplified and cost effective structural design solution and construction methods for the projects in which we are part of in our consulting team comprising of draftsman, builders, and other consultants and contractors.

What are our area of expertise?

We, the MELBOURNE ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS PTY LTD, specialize in the following areas: Civil engineering projects including Stormwater drainage design and sub-divisions. Structural engineering for various types of buildings and structures ranging from low rise residential units and houses to multi-storey high rise buildings, project management, and construction supervision services & soil testing. Our designs strive to develop creative and most cost-efficient solutions with an aim to balance different demands and requirements related to compliance with various statutory bodies and including local councils, relevant industry codes, and regulations. At every step of the design process, we keep our clients aware of our work progress and maintain close relationships and feedback from the client to make sure we meet and possibly surpass their expectations by putting an effort to maintain their budget and intended time frames, so if you wish to become one of our clients, please send us a email to info@melbourneengineering.com.au

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