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Building Design Services – Melbourne Drafting

Building Design Services

MELBOURNE ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS PTY LTD are happy to arrange the services of a draftsman or a drafts person to design/draw up the proposed development in addition to our services of structural and civil (stormwater drainage) engineering.

We can help you achieve a successful outcome with one of our drafts person for the purpose of a new building design, working drawings or a renovation.

Our drafts person offer great professional service which can be used for the development or renovation of your project which may include a simple house, multi-unit development, apartment complex, renovation, a factory or just working drawings.

From our concept design through to the building stage of your development, our builder partners can offer you a one on one consultation working together with you on your project so you can achieve the desired outcome, working on the largest asset in your life providing confidence in the design stage.

With this process of working closely with our client, we are able to achieve a relaxed, well- designed and practical home by listening to the client’s needs and aims whilst controlling the required time frame and cost. Also, as engineers, we are able to offer a project management for the whole project which includes key stages from the concept building design, supervision during construction stage activities and even building stage activities just to make sure everything goes to plan. By doing this, you can mitigate errors during construction and headaches!