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Building Design Services – Melbourne Drafting

Melbourne Engineering Consultants

Building Design Services

MELBOURNE ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS PTY LTD are happy to arrange the services of a draftsperson to design/draw up the proposed development, in addition to our services of structural and civil (stormwater drainage) engineering. Together, we can achieve the desired outcome, whether the drawings are for a new building design, working drawings, or a renovation.

Our drafting professionals, and greater building industry partners, offer expert advice and insight, which can be implemented in the development or renovation of your project. From concept design, through to the building stage of your development, our talented industry partners can offer one-on-one consultations, working together with you to achieve the desired outcome.

By working in close collaboration with our Clients, we achieve a well-designed and practical home/development, one that fulfils their ambitions, while also ensuring the bottom line is a strong factor.

Additionally, as engineers, we can offer our services as Project Managers, which can be extremely comforting to an owner-builder. The combination of the security of a healthy, and established working dynamic between us and our Client, and the confidence of knowing a trusted expert will be overseeing, what is often a Client’s dream home, allows our Client to relax, and enjoy the building process.