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Last month we discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying/building on, a sloping block.


On today’s post, we will be looking deeper into the professionals and experts you should be talking to, both prior, and during, your build.

Depending on if your property is sloping up, (upslope), or down, (downslope), the focus will be either making the most of the views, the privacy, or in some cases, both (where the slope is both an upslope and then falls to a downslope).

Regardless of what you want to achieve, the one thing that you must achieve is safety. Your future home needs to be built on a solid foundation, suitable for the type of soil you are working with, the level of the gradient, the reinforcement(s), runoff, and drainage issues.

For most people the natural 1st step is to hire an architect and a builder, however, this is not the best initial path. Your first step(s) should be to hire engineers to:

  • Complete soil testing
  • Advise on possible issues regarding retaining walls
  • Advise on drainage issues.

By knowing the soil composition, and by following the advice of your engineer(s) regarding potential structural considerations, when you do hire an architect, you can pinpoint the very best option(s) for the future home site, its rotation, etc.

Then you need to hire your:
Design/architect Team
Your Builder
And your landscaper!

Yes, that’s right, if you have a block with a fall requiring structural retaining walls, and there is the possibility of access issues to the back, or to any part of the property, it is a wise move to get your preliminary landscape drawings done, and then, when the levelling/cutting- in begins, for a minimal extra fee, you can also get all necessary areas levelled, in preparation for your future landscaping works.

A little pre-planning could save you 10s of $1,000s of dollars in future works.

After this, you can recall your Engineering Team, to work with your Building Team, to produce the appropriate structural engineering drawings, to not only ensure your home is safe, and structurally sound, but that it also will be efficient in safely diverting excess stormwater, and effective in the movement of all water waste, will also creating structurally sound retaining walls, that will offer you the security of a sturdy, durable, structure, will also helping to achieve the objectives of privacy, or views, or both.

At MEC, our Engineering Team are experts in building drainage solutions. We will work you’re your builder, to ensure your beautiful sloping block, with its wonderful views, gives you everything you want, without the financial and emotional headache.

To speak to one of our Team, or to book in for soil testing, or any other structural engineering task, contact us HERE, and don’t forget about our FAST QUOTE option.


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