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Melbourne Engineering Consultants

Melbourne Engineering Consultants has been assisting with the structural integrity of Commercial & Domestic buildings, and build sites, throughout Melbourne for almost a decade, and with our 10-year anniversary coming up in September, we wanted to take a moment to talk about our business, our goals, and our initiatives.

Melbourne Engineering Consultants

One of our areas of specialist services is Civil Engineering projects including Stormwater Drainage & Design. Whether our client is looking to subdivide their 800sqm block so they can build two units, or looking to an entire subdivision, our Team is the right choice.

We work closely with our clients and related professionals (architects, drafts people etc.), to ensure you, our client, can rest easy, from SOIL TESTING, through to TOWN PLANNING, STRUCTURAL DESIGN SERVICES, and beyond.

Our experience with Regulatory Bodies (Council’s etc.), and expertise with everything from low-rise residential units, through to multi-storey high rises, as well as commercial and stand-alone residentials, coupled with a creative approach anchored in financial and environmental sustainability, ensures you piece of mind. And our attention to detail ensures that piece of mind is long-lasting.

But you may be asking, what truly makes a great engineer?

Being among the best in your profession is more than just where and when you studied for your degree. There is no argument that a good education is the best foundation, however, a university qualification alone will not necessarily translate to a position with Melbourne Engineering Consultants.

Why? Because to be a good engineer you must have finished among the top in your class, but to be a Melbourne Engineering Engineer, you must also possess the ability to occasionally think non-linearly. An engineer who can navigate their way through an issue, or even better, anticipate the probability of a problem, that is who we hire for our Team, and that is who we cultivate once hired.

Finding a problem is easily. Finding a solution, especially one where the client may have invested their life savings into and is now reliant on us to find the best possible outcome – that’s why you hire us.

Our “job” on paper is to resolve structural and civil engineering problems and ensure they meet the specifications and guidelines set out by local Council and State & Federal Government. However, at Melbourne Engineering Consultants, we feel that’s only half the job. The other half is to anticipate where we can; and assist our client’s in reaching their building objectives, including aesthetic, budget, and compatibility, with as little stress to them as possible.

In a world where information is a commodity and, that commodity is often assessed in time/volume rather than quality, at Melbourne Engineering Consultants, our objective is to be the best, and for us, the best is achieved through consultation, attention to detail, and integrity. And just like the buildings and sub-divisions we help to develop, we will be here long into the future.

Over the coming weeks and months, as we edge closer toward our 10-year anniversary, Melbourne Engineering Consultants will be posting updates on new projects, on any new legislative changes and on our Team. We invite you to review our website and if you have any questions, or post topic suggestions, please feel free to contact us HERE.

And if you’re considering using an engineering company in the future, we are always excited to hear about your project, please contact us HERE.


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