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For many homeowners, a carport is an important and reliable addition to the property. Compared to a garage which requires more planning and can be a bit costly,  a well-designed carport is easy to construct and costs less. If you are looking to protect your vehicle from the elements and have a limited budget, then a carport can serve as a great option. Also, this can serve as a flexible option since it can be attached to your home and can be designed as a free-standing unit. All these reasons contribute to the appeal of a carport for a residential property. But before you sit down and plan your own carport, it’s best to learn a few things about this type of project and the typical requirements that come with it.

What is a Carport?

A carport is a freestanding structure that is designed to accommodate your vehicle in your residential property. It is often unenclosed, attached, or can be a freestanding structure which is seen in many residential properties. This is often an attractive option for residential owners who don’t have the budget or even the time to construct a garage 

What are Required If You Want to Construct a Carport?

Just like other projects, your planned carport should undergo the usual process of planning, cost estimates, application for approval, and the actual construction. During the planning and design phase, you need to work with an architect or an engineering consultant based in your area which can bring in a wealth of experience. A good designer and consultant can walk you through the local planning requirements, the design, location, and actual size of your carport. Melbourne Engineering Consultants of Melbourne can guide you through the process as it offers a carport structural engineering design that is not just structurally competent but also complies with local laws.

Speaking of local laws, you also need to apply for a Building Permit. Under the Building Code of Australia and other related laws, you are expected to comply with the minimum requirements when it comes to planning and constructing a carport. As the owner of the residential property, you are expected to file the request or you have the option to let another contracted party complete the paperwork for you. Again, a local engineering team like Melbourne Consultants can complete the work on your behalf. Once the permit has been issued, then that’s the time that construction of the carport can proceed.


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