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Melbourne Engineering Consultants

As a growing metropolitan city, Melbourne is home to dozens of engineering consultants and building designers. And with an increasing demand for residential and commercial properties, it’s expected the growth of service providers in the area will continue to grow. The growing industry works both ways; it can provide you with a long list of service providers however, choosing from this list can be stressful. When you want to pick the right building designer from a long list, you may want to check out these pointers below.

 1. Many engineering consultants and building designers get their contracts through ‘word of mouth’. You can check with friends and co-workers as to whether they can recommend an engineering consultant that can work on your project. If not, you can check out the Yellow Pages under Drafting Services and/or Building Designers to find a list of professionals in your area.

2. Check the portfolio. Most companies are always happy to share their portfolio and designs with prospective clients.

3. Ask for the addresses of at least three recent projects completed. By visiting these properties, you can check out the work of the company in three-dimensional forms. 

4. You can also get a feeling if the engineering team will suit your preferences and sensibilities.

5. Look for the certification and license of the building designer or consultant. You can check with the Victorian Building Authority to verify if the Building Designer is a    registered building practitioner. You can also check if the consultant is a member of any professional organization or group.

6. Check and compare the fees of consultants and building designers. There are no fixed fees in the industry. The fees will vary depending on the nature of the work and its complexity.

7. Low price is not always the best price. There are some companies and professionals that will offer you with low professional fees. Although it’s nice to know, your decision should be based on the quality, experience, and nature of work. And sometimes, a professional and premium job may come at a price.

8. Always draft a contract. This will explain the terms of the job, coverage, and terms of payment. Having a contract on hand can help prevent misunderstanding during the implementation of the project.

 This list of tips and pointers is not complete. But this can serve as a great guide if you are planning to work with a building designer or consultant from your area.


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