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Is it possible that your residential property in Melbourne contains a number of minor defects? Even if you are confident about the structural integrity of your property, there’s a big chance that it also contains a few minor defects that are common in many properties. Some of these minor defects are minor corrosion, cracking, general deterioration, physical damage to the materials, weathering, or damage to downpipes and fences. In the long term, these minor defects can have an impact on the integrity of your property and may even affect its resale value. But when you are buying a residential property, an appreciation of structural defects should be done immediately. You don’t want to commit to a property with a number of minor or even major defects, right?

A Few Words About Structural Defect?

In the Australian Standards for Building Inspections (AS43349), the structural defect will refer to the faults or deviations from the intended structural performance of a building element. In pre-purchase building inspection, you want to identify these defects to avoid the development of unsafe living conditions which can compromise your health and safety. Once minor defects are noted in the inspection, these should be reported as major defects as it can compromise your safety and health in the future.

So what are the different types of defects and where are these concentrated? You need the expertise of a structural engineering firm that specializes in this type of job. During an inspection, you can expect a complete check of the property particularly the visible parts of the interior walls, the roof, ceilings, floors, doors and windows, and attic spaces. The team will pay close attention to any visible evidence of movements like cracks and heaving and will also take a look at obvious misses and failures during the construction process.

Once a complete check-up has been conducted, then that’s the time a reported is drafted and presented to you. And the information that you can get from the report should be used as the basis of whether to proceed or not.

Work with an Experienced Structural Inspector from Your Area

A pre-purchase building inspection is an important requirement when talking about safety. And since the inspection should be complete and detailed, you want to work with an experienced professional. Melbourne Engineering Consultants can work on this task. With dozens of projects and inspections conducted in the past year alone, you can be sure of a complete and detailed report at all times.


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