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Melbourne Engineering Consultants

The construction and building industry is home to several professionals and service providers that offer a wide variety of services. If you are planning to develop a property, one industry player that you will eventually encounter is a building design professional. In Melbourne, a building professional also works as an engineering consultant which offers a variety of services and guidance related to building design and construction. For example, engineering consultants offer complete engineering services, structural engineering, stormwater design, and town planning. 

A building design professional offers a much-specialized set of services that can work for investors and owners who are looking to improve or construct their properties. As the name suggests, a building professional in your area can assist in the planning phase, particularly in the design and drawing of the proposed development. The work may seem simple and straightforward but in reality, building design requirements can be varied, complex, and extensive. To help you get a clear understanding of the different services involved in this segment, we provide you with the following summary and the relevant scope of work.

 Preliminary Design Consultation

 For many individuals, a consultation is necessary before they can proceed with the project. This step is extremely helpful for individuals who are clueless on how to proceed or have no design ideas in mind. The job of the building designer is to provide the clients with various advice on options including the discussion of plans. During this time, the engineer or designer may come up with preliminary sketches and drawings including the rough budget. It is the intent of the meetings to assess all options available so owners can come up with an informed judgment.

 Design Development and Planning Application Drawings

 This is another type of service where you communicate your ideas to the designer. In exchange, the designer will come up with preliminary concept sketches or drawings that are appropriate for the development. When required by the Local Council, the drawings may be submitted for approval or as part of the planning application procedure.

 Working Drawings

 Building designers may also prepare working drawings. Compared to the standard rendering of an idea or design, these types of drawings will define the basic structural aspects and other requirements to be completed as part of the Building Code. The working drawings may include details for the roof construction, doors, windows, and other site works.

 The other services that may be offered by building designers are feasibility studies, electrical plans, site feature surveys, and detailed site measures. The list of services is long and some teams are willing to go the extra mile in helping its clients. To learn more about their services, it’s best to contact a local building designer. Melbourne Engineering Consultants, a team based in Bentleigh, Victoria understands the changing needs of customers in the area. As an engineering consultant, the company can offer custom design services on top of the standard building design services. Just send your queries to info@melbourneengineering.com.au to learn more about their services.


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