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Structural engineers and consulting teams are popular service providers in Melbourne and other highly-developed cities. They can work on different projects, from building design, repair works, construction, to stormwater drainage design. Although hiring a structural engineer may be optional in several cases, it’s still best to consider the services of the professional if you are looking to keep your property in great shape. However, the service comes at a cost. If you are looking for help in your property, then the following guide can give you some information on the potential price and factors that may influence the pricing.

The complexity of tasks

Structural engineers and teams are known to handle different jobs. Some of the leading engineering consultants in Melbourne work on stormwater drainage, structural engineering, town planning, soil testing, building design, and anything in between. Others are involved in construction projects, designing residential properties, and even land development. The rates for these projects may vary depending on the type of work involved. For example, you may require the engineering team to come up with a 3D design render or complete the planning proposal, then the cost will increase.


In general, experienced engineers and consulting firms are known to charge higher rates compared to those who are just starting. The pricing may hurt the budget but you are paying for the experience and the knowledge that can help deliver a satisfying project.

Type of project involved

The actual cost will also depend on the type of project involved. Structural engineers are known to work on a variety of projects including but not limited to residential and commercial infrastructure, land development, and town planning. Residential projects are often easier to work on, thus the majority of the engineers work on these tasks and they often charge less. Commercial and industrial projects, on the other hand, have specialized requirements thus engineers may charge higher rates.

In short, you can’t get a uniform rate in the market when it comes to projects and tasks that can be handled by an engineering team. Instead, you can directly contact a company and ask for a quote. Of course, you need to have the specifics in mind or even plans to help the company up with a more accurate assessment of the cost. Melbourne Engineering Consultants, one of the top engineering companies in Melbourne provides engineering service quotes to its clients. Simply visit the website, fill-up the form, and upload images or documents related to the project when available. The team can provide you with one of the most competitive quotes around and these are delivered to you fast.


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