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Land Development

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Land Development

Melbourne has rightfully gained a reputation as one of the world’s top real estate property markets. With our headquarters in Melbourne, MEC, with its multi-disciplinary Team, is in the perfect position to assist the budding, or established, developers, in their expansion.

The people behind MEC call on their strong background in construction, planning, engineering, and project marketing to bring each project to life. Together, the MEC Team offers more than 30 years of combined design, and project management experience.

We are here for the long term and look forward to providing outstanding returns for investors while delivering value in our developments.

MEC Land Development International

Why Should You Choose Australia?

Australia has many advantages when looking at long-term property investment. The market has been on an increase for the past 50+ years, and even with the occasional down-turn, such swings, historically, are short-lived.

There are many reasons for this, but one of the most compelling is the “great Australian dream” of home ownership. It is part of the culture, and while housing affordability is a global issue, the Australian Federal Government has been a strong supporter of financial funding to assist younger buyers in their first homes. This support has generated building industry booms and continues to do so.

Another factor is the strength and stability of the Australian workforce. Incomes are high, educational levels are of a good standard, prospects optimism is generally higher than many other countries.

There is a relatively stable economy, sable governance, and an overall culture of “giving it a go” – all this leads to a positive and profitable investment in Australian real estate. Additionally, Australia gives investors total property ownership. This is very rare in the Asia-Pacific region, and it means investors can increase potential returns on investment. And unlike many countries, Australia doesn’t have crippling inheritance laws.

While there are no guarantees, when investing, ‘bricks and mortar’ have always been a sound investment, in Australia, whether it’s the family home, an investment property, a multi-unit development specifically aligned with a Clients Superannuation Retirement Fund, or an international investor looking to ensure a sound investment in Australia – and of course, we think Melbourne is the very best option – Australia wide (and we’re not wrong).