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Many of us, even when we don’t yet have the funds, spend quiet moments imagining what our ideal home would look like. We picture our dream kitchen, maybe an entertainment area with an additional outdoor kitchen. We might even doodle some sketches or troll real estate notices.

And then, one day, we either find the ‘perfect’ block or old house ripe for renovation – and we’re excited! All those years sketching, watching various house and garden shows, imagining paint colour’s, tiles, flooring. We hire an architect to help make our vision a real plan, double storey, maybe an attic, it’s very exciting, and a little intimidating, but it’s going to be amazing! Right?


Your architect excitedly talks about ‘natural light’ and you’re imagining 2.7m high ceilings, with windows all the way up, and skylights in the family room, with a feature gas-log fireplace and big TV over the fireplace. BRILLIANT!

And this is the point at which you should be calling us. While lofty ceiling heights and brushed metal taps will look stunning, the home needs to be structurally sound as well as visually stunning.

Our engineers work closely with Town Planning, architects, and designers, from even before the first hole has been dug or the first footing to be poured. Everything from soil testing onward.

Your MEC Engineer is focused on the sustainability of the environment, both inside your home and the external environment.

  • Will the design of the floor structure support the upper storey floors, walls, and roof loads, and then successfully suspend them over the lower storey(s)?
  • Was the soil testing done to accurately assess the soil?
  • Is there a slope on the property, and could drainage be an issue?

An incorrect foundation can impact the stability of your building in the future, while the thickness of the foundation can impact other structural elements, such as floor-to-ceiling height. Which is why you should always call in your Engineer at the very beginning of your proposed project.

As Engineers, one of the first things we are asked to design is the “floor zone” – the structure required, (joists, beams, concrete slabs, etc.) that make up the suspended structure.

Melbourne Engineering Consultations (MEC) has a long-established relationship with drafts people, designers, and architects. Our positive and productive working relationship with fellow industry professionals ensures you, the home builder, multi-storey builder, or commercial builder, will not only achieve the esthetic result you want, but also a building that meets, and exceeds, industry standards.

And, as a third party, our responsibility is to you, our client, not to the architect, or the Town Planner. Therefore, we are not only your engineering professionals, but we are also a kind of building audit, ensuring the foundation work is done correctly, thus allowing you to do the stuff that makes home dreams a reality.

If you are looking to build, or have any structural or drainage questions, we would love to hear more about your project plans. Please email us at: info@melbourneengineering.com.au  or message us HERE we also have a FAST QUOTE option, ideal if you’re looking for a quick estimate. And don’t forget to follow us on FACEBOOK Next month’s blog post topic will be focused on Soil Types, Soil Testing & Storm Water Drainage.


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