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Have you noticed some cracks in the building? Are you concerned about its effects on your property? How did it happen? What can you do? We bet that you’re worried the moment you discovered these cracks.

First things first: You need to get help to address the situation. You may need to contact an engineering or local construction team that can help you assess, repair, or fix the cracks in the building. These are not normal problems of the house that you can repair on your own unless you:

  • Have the technical competence and knowledge to assess the situation;
  • Have the tools and materials required and;
  • Can repair the damage.

So one of the first things that you should do is to schedule an inspection of cracks and the potential damage to property. A structural engineer or team is the best professional that can diagnose and fix the damage in the property. He is also the best person that can provide you a piece of advice on how to design and maintain a structurally-sound property.

If during your informal assessment the building is unstable and no longer safe, it’s best that you stay clear of the area and immediately contact a professional who can inspect, document the cracks, and offer permanent solutions to the problem. If help and inspection are not possible within a day, you can also start a diary or notes where you will monitor the extent of the damage. During your documentation, you can identify the location of the cracks and its size including how long and wide the cracks are.  After a few days or weeks, you can conduct the same assessment and notice if there are changes

Your documentation can be submitted to the structural engineer which can be used as the basis for the final report of recommendations.


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