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Australia’s residential properties are getting bigger, a reflection of the changing tastes and preferences of investors and property owners. According to one research, Australian homes have doubled in size in the last 60 years, going from an of average 100 square meters in the 1950s to roughly 240 square meters today. The trend continues this year, with a number of engineering teams and building designers working on large properties. So are you joining the trend and be one of a new large home in Australia? Before confirming your request with a contractor, make sure you understand first the pros and cons of designing and building a large house.

Bigger Houses, More Resources to Cover

Bigger residential properties may give you more space but it can costs you more. If you push through with the plan to design a large residential property, you may end up paying for more cooling and heating which in turn will translate to higher energy bills. Also, larger homes will require more materials to build and maintain, and additional energy to manufacture the materials.

More Room for Everyone and Everything

If you can cover the costs mentioned above, then you are ready for a bigger residential property and its many benefits. With a large property, you no longer have to worry about accommodating a large or even an extended family. It’s also easier to host large gatherings during special occasions. If you have plans to run a small business, a large residential property will also make room for you. In short, bigger houses will give you more flexibility and room to grow depending on your whims and preferences.

Whatever the size or type of house you decide on, make sure you work with a team that offers professional building design services. Melbourne Engineering Consultants, an engineering team based in Melbourne, understands civil and structural engineering design services and related services. With its competent and professional service, it’s easier to design your dream residential property whatever size it may be.


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