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Choosing the right designer for your next residential project is a critical step towards realizing your dream to own a new residential property. There are two types of professionals that can work with you on this project- architects and building designers. Architects are regulated and registered, and the rules governing their professional services vary from state to state. Building designers also require regulation and registration, and the rules and code of conduct may also vary by state. Also, the range of services that may be offered by the building designers may vary. Some of these designers also carry specialist design degrees, and many are also trained in drafting professionals.

Whoever you choose on your next project, make sure you choose a professional who will deliver the best offer not just on price, but on a number of parameters as well.

Experience and Demonstrated Capacity as Critical Points to Consider

When faced with options, make sure you work with a residential building designer with the right set of qualifications, experience, and demonstrated the capacity to deliver the type of residential building that you require. You may want to check their portfolio or learn more about their experience and the past jobs that they have completed. If you have the time and means, you may want to visit the properties that the company has completed.

Designing for Sustainable Outcomes a Plus

Designing for sustainable outcomes is not yet fully embraced in a number of markets. And these are some companies that don’t offer this service because of the belief that there’s no existing demand for this.  The demand may not be that big, but it’s changing rapidly. There are some architects and building designers that also offer this specialized service. You can work with them to get cost-effective and premium outcomes.

When you work with a building designer, you may be fully involved with the process or simply delegate all tasks to the designer. Whatever your preference, it’s best that you discuss your preferred level of involvement before starting the arrangement. You don’t want to spoil the working relationship simply because there was a disagreement between parties. At the end of the day, you want a building designer who can work based on your needs and preferences.


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