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When it rains, rainwater can’t soak into surfaces like roads and pavements and instead runs off into storm sewers and streets. During this process, rainwater is not that only that goes down the drain- you also have other pollutants that are thrown into the mix like salt, dirt, oils, fertilizers, and garbage. In cities and urban areas, the stormwater is generated by rain runoff from roads, footpaths, driveways, roofs, or other hard surfaces. In Australia, the stormwater system is separated from the sewer system. Compared to sewage, stormwater is often not treated before the water is directed to the waterways. When properly managed, stormwater can be used to maintain the garden or the landscaping.

However, stormwater can be a problem when not addressed properly. Poorly managed stormwater can cause problems on and off-site through the transportation of nutrients and pollutants to waterways and erosion. Or worse, it can enter your property which can disrupt your activities and lifestyle. As a responsible owner, it’s best to take into account how stormwater will be collected and managed. And there are several ways on how you can remain on top of things even if it rains hard.

Simple Ways You Can Manage Stormwater

As a property owner, you can count on a number of simple steps that can help address the effects of stormwater. For example, minor landscaping in the property can help manage stormwater. The water can be used to irrigate the plants or you can plant more trees which can help absorb the extra water. But if the problem is now serious, you need to work with a team with the technical skills and experience.

Work with a Consultant for a Stormwater Drainage Design

As a matter of practice, it’s best to consider the conveyance of stormwater during the planning and design process of the residential property. There are a number of engineering companies operating in Melbourne that can provide you with stormwater drainage design that’s suitable for your needs. Melbourne Engineering Consultants, for example, offers efficient value-adding drainage design solutions. As a licensed and insured engineer, the team provides effective solutions that truly provide solutions.

The design and construction solutions that can be offered by engineering teams also extend to existing properties. Since all drainage infrastructure related to the drainage of private properties up to the Legal Point of Discharge/Connection is a concern of the owner, it’s best to act fast once problems are noticed. An engineering team can design a drainage system that can address the problem.


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