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The walkways and driveways are not normally on top of the list when it comes to designing a residential property, but these are actually critical design components too. They play a crucial role in connecting your home to its outdoor spaces. Whether it connects your front door to the street or you loving room to its outdoor spaces, adding a driveway makes functional sense. And the more interesting and structurally feasible the construction is, the more value it will add to your residential property. Designing effective and value-adding driveways for your residential property is not just knowing where you want viewers to look as they approach their destination and the features you want to emphasize, but also making sure that it’s structurally tough and truly functional.

To make this happen, you can check on the current trends available in the market and work with a professional engineering consultancy firm in your area that can pull off the job.

Current Trends in Driveway Design to Consider

The market is now testing a few trends which you can consider for the design of your next driveway. Here’s a quick look at the popular trends that can be explored when designing and constructing the driveway:

  • Straight no longer hot.  Although a straight 12×50 driveway is a common option, curved design is getting some love. Curved or driveways with angles are known to add more character into the driveway.
  • It’s no longer just a path. If you are looking to add value to your driveway then make sure you add a few more useful elements. For example, you can add extra side-parking areas or framing elements like lighting, trees, and plants.
  • Details matter. You can also use visually-stimulating shapes for the driveway, like gradual narrowing of the driveway from the road to the garage. And instead of using asphalt, you can also use concrete and cobblestones.

Work with a Competent Structural Design Service Provider

Once you have the basic design in mind, the next step is choosing the right professional to work on the project. You want a team with that’s registered and licensed with demonstrated competence in the field. Melbourne Engineering Consultants offers engineering design services including but not limited to driveway structural engineering design. As one of the leading engineering firms in Victoria, the team tests the limits of structural design and construction technologies because it aims not just for continuous improvement but for the welfare of its clients as well.



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