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It’s human nature to aspire for extras when designing and building one’s dream home. After checking the boxes for all property essentials, the next step is to aspire for add-ons that can add value and promote an improved living experience. But choosing what to add to your home design is not easy. There are a number of things that should be considered, and it isn’t just about the cost of these extras. It’s also important to choose upgrades that provide either excellent value in terms of improving your lifestyle or a great return on investment in case you decide to sell the property. And choosing what truly matters can be a problem for many homeowners and developers. What’s easier for many is choosing the extras that can be included in a basic design. Here are some popular optional extras that you can include in your planned residential building design.

Sustainable Design
Whether you are looking at LED down-lights, solar panels, or double glazing, you can always count on sustainable designs to pay off n the end. By incorporating sustainable design, you don’t just lower your power bills but also boosts the resale value of your property.

Upgraded Kitchen and Bathrooms
Spending extra on appliances in areas that are often used as the kitchen can also appeal to future buyers. And even if you don’t sell the property, investing in the kitchen and bathrooms can definitely improve your quality of living. It is said that the kitchen is considered the ‘heart of the home’ and a place where family members spend most of their time. And it’s only logical that this area should be improved by adding modern appliances or by choosing materials that are hard-wearing and timeless.

Heating and Cooling Systems
Adding a heating and cooling system will not just make your life comfortable but will also add value to your home in the future. And it’s best that these systems should be incorporated during the design process since retrofitting the ducted or split system air conditioning systems can be tricky.

Outdoor Spaces
When planning a new building, it’s wise to include an outdoor living space in the design. There are a number of benefits in having a well-designed outdoor space. It can be used as the perfect spot for enjoying the summer evenings or can be transformed into an outdoor dining area during special events. Outdoor spaces including a well-designed garden can serve as a selling point for a property.

It’s difficult to imagine that in today’s world where many are dependent on cars, there are a number of house and land packages that don’t include parking as a standard. You can change this scenario by adding a garage or carport to your home design. This is no longer a luxury but a feature that can boost the value of your home. Adding a garage option to your residential property allows you to enjoy flexibility- this outdoor space can be used to secure your car or can be transformed into an instant indoor space.


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