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Major cities are growing at a fast rate, and this is partly driven by a large number of apartments that are being built and marketed for families and first-time buyers. For investors and individuals looking to purchase their first property, this can serve as great news. With a large number of apartment properties to choose from, there’s a big chance that a few of these properties are available at a competitive price. However, this may also raise some concerns since there is a growing number of apartment blocks with defects. Defects are understandable, and as the number of apartments increase, so is the number of defects in these properties. According to a survey conducted by the UNSW City Futures Research Center, roughly 72 percent of apartment blocks in NSW had defects as reported by owners (2012). This underscores the need to be fully informed especially if you are planning to design and build an apartment or you want to explore the market for an apartment property.

Common Apartment Building Defects

There are different kinds of problems or defects that can happen in an apartment block. But the most common among these problems are linked to waterproofing or leaks. A major water problem in the property can mean stressful days ahead. Aside from the inconvenience that it can bring to your lifestyle, it can be costly to repair as well. And when the situation worsens, it can even affect the structural integrity of the apartment block. Aside from internal water leaks, the other problems that you may encounter are cracks to internal or external structures, guttering faults, defective roof coverings, defective plumbing, building movement, and defective balcony balustrades among others.

Another issue that complicates the process is the inability of buyers to spot the problems. Most defects are impossible to detect and it can take months or years to become apparent. To an untrained eye, a newly constructed property that’s nicely advertised is a good buy. To avoid the problems in the future like an expensive repair or overhaul, then it’s best to be aware of these defects. If inspecting for defects is not your skill, you can always work with engineering professionals that can conduct a structural review and inspection of the apartment block. Companies like Melbourne Engineering Consultants can conduct the inspection in your behalf.


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