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As a responsible homeowner and property owner, it’s important that you know the difference between stormwater drainage and sewer. Knowing the difference between the too can help you put in place measures that can address plumbing problems in the future.

Sewer Drainage

In your home, you will find a system of underground pipes that are designed to carry the sewerage and waste from the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, and sinks to the other plumbing components of the property. The mixture of waste and sewage is then carried to respective waste treatment plants where this is discharged into the waterways.

Stormwater DrainageStormwater drainage, on the other hand, refers to any water which rains off a site because of rainfall. In short, this refers to water sourced from a storm. Any form of precipitation that falls from the sky including hail, rain, and snow can be considered stormwater. There are two general fates for stormwater. In a natural environment, the stormwater from the roofs and pavements is absorbed in the ground or it will fall into bodies of water. This type of stormwater replenishes the water reserves and give water to animals and plans. In an urban landscape, stormwater will fall in hard surfaces like roads, sidewalks, and roofs and is not soaked by the ground. In short, falling water is swept across these surfaces as runoff.

Although they may vary in terms of water source, they require a few similar maintenance steps. Here are some things you can do when maintaining the sewer drainage and stormwater drainage.

  • Never pour chemicals down the drainage to address a blockage.
  • Stormwater drains should be clear of debris like grass clippings or leaves.
  • Pay attention to burst pipes and leakages in the sewer drainage. Leaks can lead to serious problems like the excavation of the garden or driveway when left unattended.
  • Contact an experienced plumber if you think that there is a problem with the stormwater or sewer drainage.
  • Always work with a professional engineering company when it comes to designing your stormwater drainage system.


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