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Stormwater refers to water sourced from rainfall. In many cases, stormwater is absorbed by the soil and helps nourishes the plants and vegetation. However, in urban areas and cities where the ground does not readily absorb the stormwater, it becomes surface runoff. At low levels, stormwater is not a source of concern. But if there is a substantial buildup of stormwater runoff, flooding can happen which can cause damage to surrounding properties and establishments, including the foundations of buildings. Excess runoff may also contain chemicals and oils which can become a problem to the soil, vegetation, and waterways. To avoid this problem, you need stormwater drainage for your property as designed by a reputable engineering team based in your area.

What Can You Expect from a Stormwater Drainage Design?

In many property design and developments, stormwater drainage is often listed low on the priority list. Although this is not an immediate concern for many, it’s highly recommended that you incorporate this drainage in your plan or any construction project. A good stormwater drainage design should:

  • Reduce the surface water saturation in the property during rainfall which can damage foundations and other structural elements.
  • Involve a number of filtering elements like a catch basin.
  • Control the stormwater runoff.
  • Incorporate checklist for drainage planning and design which includes topography analysis and analysis of site conditions and probable locations.

Work with an Experienced Engineering Team Like Melbourne Engineering Consultants

Melbourne Engineering Consultants is in the business of providing stormwater drainage design for residential developments of varying sizes and complexities. As a leading engineering consultant based in Melbourne, Melbourne Engineering Consultants offers value-adding services by reviewing and providing simplified and cost-effective stormwater drainage solution and construction methods. All these are delivered by a team of qualified engineers, consultants, and building practitioners.


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