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Melbourne residents, along with all other Australians, have been battling an extreme heatwave. On January 6, temperatures soared to an astounding 41.6C in Melbourne, which was the hottest the area has been in two years. Although this type of weather makes it uncomfortable to be outside, the right home design will alleviate or at least will reduce much of the discomfort associated with unusually high temperatures.

A team of experienced architects and structural engineers can create the home design that ensures your inner air quality doesn’t suffer during a heatwave. For example, passive cooling and thermal mass are often used together to naturally reduce indoor heat absorption. Thermal mass materials such as concrete slabs are the perfect starting point.

When temperatures soar into the 40s, you’re almost certainly going to want to turn on your air conditioner. If you’re in the market for an energy efficient home, this may seem like a major issue. Fortunately, the building footings and slabs as well as its main framework that structural engineers design go a long way toward reaching your energy-saving goals.

Our team of engineers can assess the site you’ve purchased to find the most suitable and economical slab type for your soon to be newly constructed home. When you combine this with other new construction choices such as proper insulation and well-sealed windows, your air conditioning unit’s efficiency will go way up and your energy costs should come down.

Heatwaves will come and go in Australia, but there’s no reason to suffer from them. Instead, go inside to minimize your risk of weather-related complications such as heatstroke. With a well-constructed home that features a solid structural base, you’ll be able to keep yourself and your family cool during the hottest days of summer!

How Structural Engineering Can Help You Beat the Heat


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