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Nature is just amazing. So are the patterns of the nests built by the birds across the globe. There is a lot of variety in their nests and styles according to their particular needs, sizes, region, climate, and natural phenomenon around them. It is not only surprising but impressive too to find how intricately they weave the building stuff. A nest is a bowl-shaped collection of weeds, straws, leaves, twigs, and other building material. Right? Maybe. It is not that simple. A nest is the lesson of structural engineering that offers further breakdown in shapes, locations, and sizes.
Hummingbird is the smallest bird with the smallest nest in size but how beautifully it makes its nest on the top of the tree is amazing. Plants, spider webs, and other soft material make this nest different from other nest types. And this variation goes on as ruby-throats furnish their nests with the flakes of lichen whereas Anna’s hummingbirds can lay eggs even before the nest is completely built and build its sidewalls during incubation. Another surprising fact about its nest is that it stretches when the babies come out of the eggs and grow. How beautifully nature tells us the art of crafting homes with different variations and innovation!
Melbourne Consultants keenly observes the patterns of nature and adopts them in its structural engineering services. The birds are innate civil engineers. As the birds select the material according to structural or thermal properties and the amount of building material selected and used by them is measured, Melbourne Consultants follows their outline. How impressive! Such a small bird teaches the art of structuring home to the civil engineers of the entire world. Type of material used in various situations and climates, the stretchable material used where needed, and other options….!
Thank you, hummingbird. Size does not matter, yes. It is talent and skill that does.



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