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Melbourne Engineering Consultants

Melbourne Engineering Consultants All species on the planet are born with a purpose and a lesson for learners. When the flock of geese flies together, each goose helps the goose behind by reducing air resistance and giving an additional lift. Making a V-shape while flying, the geese can fly 70% farther than if a single goose flies alone. Thus, less energy consumed and more travel done with the same amount of power. When a member of the flock tires of the journey or drops out of the V-formation, it quickly tries to restore it and comes back to the position it had left.

Another astonishing fact about the geese is that they rotate their leadership. As soon as the leader gets tired, it leaves its position to the rear side where air resistance is the lightest and a goose from that position comes forward to lead the flock. In longer journeys or warm temperatures, this rotation is more often until they reach their destination. So everyone gets a chance of being a leader and a follower in the flock

The geese honk at each other while flying and the researchers agree that this is their way of communication about the next strategy and other things to be discussed. Their continuous honking demonstrates their interlinking and sharing their thoughts with one another. The most stunning thing about the flock is whenever goose drops out because of any sickness or injury, two other geese come down with it and protect it from the perils around and support it until it is able to fly. Meanwhile, the flock will slow down its flight making it easy to take the dropped members along with them.

Organizations keep on learning from their surroundings and Melbourne Engineering Consultants learns from everything around and even up in the air. Melbourne Engineering Consultants has borrowed its organizational structure and functioning from the geese and has covered the distance on the way of success with steadiness. As an expert in the structural engineering design services in Melbourne, it has made its mark with quality work. Teamwork, networking, and integration of all sections and units at Melbourne Engineering Consultants has made it successful in the clients of Melbourne who contact it for a wide range of storm water drainage design and structural engineering services. Coordination with all other units with an integrated and collaborative approach is the key success factor of Melbourne Engineering Consultants. Our experts are skilled in the administration of the contracts including documentation, designing, and quality management system. With our archiving facility and an electronic backup, we meet the needs of our clients and deliver them the desired results. Our project management software, web collaborations, online management of documents, and usage of CAD are what bring competitive edge for us in the market of Melbourne.


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