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Bee Colonies Influence Modern Town Planning

The design and construction of a beehive is one of nature’s most beautiful elements. Behind the brilliance of these pieces of habitable art is one central tenant: They must fulfill the needs of the entire colony. In other words, the worker bees must carefully consider how to plan their beehive, or town, to ensure that everyone has a safe and suitable living environment.
Everything about the hive’s construction influences the lives of tens of thousands of bees. Worker bees have many factors to consider, including location, access to food, security, building the honeycomb, proper storage of pollen and nectar, using cooling and warming techniques to keep the hive at the right temperature and even removing the remains of their deceased brethren.
All of these concerns are similar to what engineers undertake when they offer town planning services. Melbourne Engineering Consultants, and all other engineers worldwide, are influenced by the intricacy, beauty and impressive functionality of beehives.
Much like bees, town planners are tasked with designing something that suits everyone’s basic needs. They also take steps to reduce the environmental burdens that contribute to climate change. In this way, they’re much like the worker bees who focus closely on the warming and cooling of their hive.
By looking to bees, we can also easily uncover the secret of building a functional, complex social structure. Each bee plays a vital role in their colony, much as every human contributes to their neighborhood. Be like a bee by being there for your neighbors!


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