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If you are planning to build a new home for your family, there’s a big chance that you have been tempted to follow some of the design trends that are posted and covered online.

From current colors, smart home technologies, to new building materials, all these trends are often advertised online which promise to take your home to the next level. While these design trends and upgrades look promising, not all of these trends and upgrades can work for you. Make sure you rethink your options and think it will pay off in the long term. Will these upgrades boost your lifestyle, will it cost you a lot in the long term, and will the next buyer of your property like it as much as you do?

High-end and Fancy Fittings

If you are looking to build your home where you plan to stay for the rest of your life, then your high-end and fancy fittings can work. You can invest in high-end bathroom fit-outs and grand lighting if these float your boat. However, if you are looking at a short tenancy or you are simply building an investment property, then you may want to rethink these options. Expensive sinks, basins, and lighting can cost you a fortune, and there’s no guarantee that these upgrades will be loved by the next tenant or owner.

Swimming Pool

Adding a swimming pool to the property gets mixed reviews. Some say that adding a pool can add value to the property and some are saying that it can cost money over the long run. In short, everyone has something to say about this investment and not everyone will be happy to have a pool in the property. If you are planning to add this to the property design, consider a few questions. Are you going to use it frequently? Who will look after it and can you accommodate the maintenance expense? And will the next buyer love the idea of the swimming pool?

Home Automation Systems

You will find a number of modern add-ons for your home that can simplify and enhance your lifestyle. If you check the market right now, you will find lights that dim and blinds that lower at the push of a button, remote monitoring of the security system, or your home being cooled minutes before you arrive. All these are cool, so 21st century, and will definitely boost your stylish lifestyle. However, having a smart home can have some drawbacks too. There’s a chance that this system may malfunction and may keep you in the dark or worse, the system may lock you out of your home. Automation may also promote a sedentary lifestyle which is already a problem right now for many individuals.

In short, trends and recommended upgrades that you see and read online should be handled objectively. While these upgrades and options will work for others, these may not necessarily work for your needs and lifestyle.


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