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Choosing Your Residential Building Designer is a Critical Step in Realizing Your New Home

Choosing the right designer for your next residential project is a critical step towards realizing your dream to own a new residential property. There are two types of professionals that can work with you on this project- architects and building designers. Architects are regulated and registered, and the rules governing their professional services vary from state to state. Building designers also require regulation and registration, and the rules and code of conduct may also vary by state. Also, the range of services that may be offered by the building designers may vary. Some of these designers also carry specialist design degrees,

Protecting Your Residential Property from Stormwater

When it rains, rainwater can’t soak into surfaces like roads and pavements and instead runs off into storm sewers and streets. During this process, rainwater is not that only that goes down the drain- you also have other pollutants that are thrown into the mix like salt, dirt, oils, fertilizers, and garbage. In cities and urban areas, the stormwater is generated by rain runoff from roads, footpaths, driveways, roofs, or other hard surfaces. In Australia, the stormwater system is separated from the sewer system. Compared to sewage, stormwater is often not treated before the water is directed to the waterways.

Design Your Residential Driveway to Suit Your Lifestyle

The walkways and driveways are not normally on top of the list when it comes to designing a residential property, but these are actually critical design components too. They play a crucial role in connecting your home to its outdoor spaces. Whether it connects your front door to the street or you loving room to its outdoor spaces, adding a driveway makes functional sense. And the more interesting and structurally feasible the construction is, the more value it will add to your residential property. Designing effective and value-adding driveways for your residential property is not just knowing where you want viewers to look as they approach their destination and the features you want to emphasize,

5 Extras that Can Add Value to Your New Home

It’s human nature to aspire for extras when designing and building one’s dream home. After checking the boxes for all property essentials, the next step is to aspire for add-ons that can add value and promote an improved living experience. But choosing what to add to your home design is not easy. There are a number of things that should be considered, and it isn’t just about the cost of these extras. It’s also important to choose upgrades that provide either excellent value in terms of improving your lifestyle or a great return on investment in case you decide to sell the property.

Every Project is Unique and Rewarding

Melbourne Engineering Consultants is proud to work with clients who want a unique touch. In fact, most of our clients have selected our team of structural engineers specifically because they want something sturdy that reflects their unique tastes and lifestyle.

Helping bring each vision to life makes every single day a welcome adventure! Even when we’re asked to put together a basic structural design, we put our own experienced spin on it to make sure you get the best results for your investment.

The structural base of your home is what keeps it all together. We’ve built a rock-solid team that embodies this same vital quality and uses it in tandem with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Happy Chinese New Year from MEC!

Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at Melbourne Engineering Consultants! We wish you the very best as you move forward into the Year of the Dog. According to the Asian zodiac, the Dog is a loyal, faithful companion that exhibits honesty and sincerity at all times. At MEC, we recognize how integral these values are for personal and professional relationships.

The 15-day Chinese New Year celebration is a great opportunity to reconnect with loved ones and to take stock of your goals. Perhaps this is the year you’re going to develop a plot of land into your dream home?

How Structural Engineering Can Help You Beat the Heat

How Structural Engineering Can Help You Beat the Heat

Melbourne residents, along with all other Australians, have been battling an extreme heatwave. On January 6, temperatures soared to an astounding 41.6C in Melbourne, which was the hottest the area has been in two years. Although this type of weather makes it uncomfortable to be outside, the right home design will alleviate or at least will reduce much of the discomfort associated with unusually high temperatures.

A team of experienced architects and structural engineers can create the home design that ensures your inner air quality doesn’t suffer during a heatwave. For example, passive cooling and thermal mass are often used together to naturally reduce indoor heat absorption.

Stability Helps You Ring In The New Year

Stability Helps You Ring In The New Year

On New Year’s Eve, everyone celebrates as the ball drops, signifying the start of a new year. The beautiful design of the ball is captivating, and its precision timing makes sure everything happens exactly when it should.
This same concept is true for building engineering. But instead of dropping a ball, structural engineers create the perfect blueprint for success. This ensures a home that has the stability you need to be happy and comfortable in your living environment throughout the New Year.
Many Australians will be looking for a fresh start on January 1, 2018.

Christmas Brings Families Together

Christmas Brings Families Together

Many families throughout Australia, and the world, will be coming together this year to celebrate Christmas. Of course, in Australia, we do things a little differently. Children are already on holiday from school, making the Christmas season the perfect time to travel. Whether your tradition involves gathering at your home or taking a holiday camping trip, the most important part of Christmas is spending it with your family.
If you want to host the perfect holiday get-togethers, it’s vital to have the right amount of space. Keep in mind that two homes could both be 231 square metres,

Bee Colonies Influence Modern Town Planning

Bee Colonies Influence Modern Town Planning

The design and construction of a beehive is one of nature’s most beautiful elements. Behind the brilliance of these pieces of habitable art is one central tenant: They must fulfill the needs of the entire colony. In other words, the worker bees must carefully consider how to plan their beehive, or town, to ensure that everyone has a safe and suitable living environment.
Everything about the hive’s construction influences the lives of tens of thousands of bees. Worker bees have many factors to consider, including location, access to food, security, building the honeycomb, proper storage of pollen and nectar,