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The Effiency of Ant Construction

The Efficiency of Ant construction

Ants aren’t desirable in the home, but they can certainly teach us a lot about how to design a house that’s fully efficient. In fact, these creatures work in tandem to serve the needs of their entire community. One of their top tasks? Building an ant colony that is structurally sound. At the same time, ants highly value efficiency.
Ants are well-known for their strength. In fact, they can carry up to 50 times their body weight! This helps them carve out a tunnel network containing the shortest possible distances between point A and point B.

Seasons & Structural Engineering of Melbourne Consultants

Seasons & Structural Engineering of Melbourne Consultants

Seasons really matter where the question of structural engineering rises. Every season has its specific beauty but spring is the metaphor of reconstruction, happiness, and new life.

Designers think of new designs, planners think of new plans , civil engineers get new inspiration from the blooming surroundings where birds chirp, nature sings, and greenery dances with the air.

Newly-completed projects enhance the beauty of nature and the joy of the residents of these homes. Melbourne Consultants feel the pride of being in harmony of the nature and human hearts both.
Every project that we do adds real value to our portfolio in this season.

The sophisticated nest of hummingbird and Melbourne engineering services.

Melbourne engineering services

Nature is just amazing. So are the patterns of the nests built by the birds across the globe. There is a lot of variety in their nests and styles according to their particular needs, sizes, region, climate, and natural phenomenon around them. It is not only surprising but impressive too to find how intricately they weave the building stuff. A nest is a bowl-shaped collection of weeds, straws, leaves, twigs, and other building material. Right? Maybe. It is not that simple. A nest is the lesson of structural engineering that offers further breakdown in shapes, locations, and sizes.

Do not just live. Live as you desire. Have you ever thought how beautiful heaven could be?


Have you ever thought how beautiful heaven could be? Well, it could be as beautiful as you think of it. All desires fulfilled, everything you wish is present in it. How fantastic to feel yourself in a place that contains everything you desire. Yes, we are engineering your concept of a complete home. Simply heaven with the help of our structural and storm water engineering services!
Life is beautiful. Everyday dawns with new and unique forms of beauty. Everything around you carries beauty in one way or the other. So does your home! Starting from the entrance to the backside,

Nature is the biggest teacher and it teaches all those who want to learn.

Melbourne Engineering Consultants All species on the planet are born with a purpose and a lesson for learners. When the flock of geese flies together, each goose helps the goose behind by reducing air resistance and giving an additional lift. Making a V-shape while flying, the geese can fly 70% farther than if a single goose flies alone. Thus, less energy consumed and more travel done with the same amount of power. When a member of the flock tires of the journey or drops out of the V-formation, it quickly tries to restore it and comes back to the position it had left.