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Building Design Professionals- List of Professional Services that You Can Enjoy

The construction and building industry is home to several professionals and service providers that offer a wide variety of services. If you are planning to develop a property, one industry player that you will eventually encounter is a building design professional. In Melbourne, a building professional also works as an engineering consultant which offers a variety of services and guidance related to building design and construction. For example, engineering consultants offer complete engineering services, structural engineering, stormwater design, and town planning. 

A building design professional offers a much-specialized set of services that can work for investors and owners who are looking to improve or construct their properties.

What You Should Know and Prepare For When Planning a Carport

For many homeowners, a carport is an important and reliable addition to the property. Compared to a garage which requires more planning and can be a bit costly,  a well-designed carport is easy to construct and costs less. If you are looking to protect your vehicle from the elements and have a limited budget, then a carport can serve as a great option. Also, this can serve as a flexible option since it can be attached to your home and can be designed as a free-standing unit. All these reasons contribute to the appeal of a carport for a residential property.

What are Differences Between Planning and Building and Where to Get Help

If you are investing in another real estate property then there’s a big chance that you will encounter planning and building permits. These are regulatory requirements that should be in place when a specific type of project or construction needs to be completed. In the context of local laws and building codes, these are two separate permits which are controlled by a different set of laws. This means that your project may require a planning permit, a building permit, or both before the project can be realized. If in case your project requires a planning permit, you need to apply for this first before a building permit can be given.

Here’s Why You Need a Soil Test Before Constructing Your Residential Property

Soil testing is conducted during the first phase in the construction of a residential properly and it involves taking a few soil samples from the block of land. The soil profile in each property will vary depending on the location so it’s always a sound move to conduct a soil testing before a construction project can happen in a certain area. In some cases, your chosen builder will conduct the test as part of their in-house services, but there are instances when you will need to contact a separate engineering consultant to complete the work for you.

What are the reasons why you should request a test?

Have You Found Some Cracks in Your Property?

Have you noticed some cracks in the building? Are you concerned about its effects on your property? How did it happen? What can you do? We bet that you’re worried the moment you discovered these cracks.

First things first: You need to get help to address the situation. You may need to contact an engineering or local construction team that can help you assess, repair, or fix the cracks in the building. These are not normal problems of the house that you can repair on your own unless you:

  • Have the technical competence and knowledge to assess the situation;

Checking for Structural Defects in Your Home- The Importance of Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Is it possible that your residential property in Melbourne contains a number of minor defects? Even if you are confident about the structural integrity of your property, there’s a big chance that it also contains a few minor defects that are common in many properties. Some of these minor defects are minor corrosion, cracking, general deterioration, physical damage to the materials, weathering, or damage to downpipes and fences. In the long term, these minor defects can have an impact on the integrity of your property and may even affect its resale value. But when you are buying a residential property,

What You Should Do to Avoid Buying an Apartment or Residential Property With Defects

For investors and informed individuals, buying a new property is an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Armed with an understanding of market trends and basic property information, they can easily pick the best property that can fit their lifestyle and budget. But for many individuals with limited information about the real estate market, it can be a hit or miss. So how do you avoid buying an apartment or residential property with defects? Here are some things you should remember and steps to take.

Research the builder and developer. This is an important step to take especially if you are buying off the plan.

What Should You Look for in Property and Home Inspectors?

Property and home inspectors should be properly qualified before they take on the job. As professionals, it’s important that these professionals have met or even exceeded certain requirements for them to offer customers and investors the right advice regarding their intended investments. For example, a qualified property and building inspector in Melbourne should have a solid knowledge of the various building inspections and regulations in the area. The team should have a clear understanding of the requirements of the Building Act, Building Regulations, the Building Code of Australia, and other standards and regulations that are related to the construction sector.

Get a Stormwater Drainage Design for your Residential Property Now

Stormwater refers to water sourced from rainfall. In many cases, stormwater is absorbed by the soil and helps nourishes the plants and vegetation. However, in urban areas and cities where the ground does not readily absorb the stormwater, it becomes surface runoff. At low levels, stormwater is not a source of concern. But if there is a substantial buildup of stormwater runoff, flooding can happen which can cause damage to surrounding properties and establishments, including the foundations of buildings. Excess runoff may also contain chemicals and oils which can become a problem to the soil, vegetation, and waterways. To avoid this problem,

Apartment Building Defects- What Should You Watch Out For

Major cities are growing at a fast rate, and this is partly driven by a large number of apartments that are being built and marketed for families and first-time buyers. For investors and individuals looking to purchase their first property, this can serve as great news. With a large number of apartment properties to choose from, there’s a big chance that a few of these properties are available at a competitive price. However, this may also raise some concerns since there is a growing number of apartment blocks with defects. Defects are understandable, and as the number of apartments increase,